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  Machine Design:                    
  • Cantilever build/Heavy steel mainframe and housing, with integrated electrical cabinet. Robust steel frameservo-machine for multi-shift operation with high modularity.
  • Strict division between product/packaging material handing and drive elements.
  • Minmum of mechanical parts and university of the same parts where possible. 
  • Left and right hand version available.
  Packaging Style:                    
  • Taut or slack pillow pack with or without gusset fold.
  • End fins:grooved longitudinally or transversely, with strait or zigzag cut.
  • On request with print coding, carton insert, lable or coupon, tear strip, tear notches and other easy opening features.
  Packaging Material:                    
  • Printed, print registered or non-printed, heat sealable or cold sealable monolayer or laminated film.
  Smart Operation:                    
  • The touch screen of the HMI panel is integrated on the top of the machine. As option also an adjustable panel mounted on a swivel arm is available. Parameter entry, erros, alarms, production statistics are all displayed on the HMI.
  • Packing Type:  Pillow type (Center-sealed type)
  • Film Width:   Small: 380mm, Medium: 580mm  Large: >580mm
  • Product Size:
        Samll:50~150mm/L   0~130mm/W  0~30mm/H             
        Medium :150~400mm/L   0~230mm/W   0~60mm/H             
        Large: >400mm/L   0~330mm/W  >60mm/H               
  • Speed & Output : (1)100~250packs/min (2)250~400packs/min (3)>400packs/min
    Product and film characterisitcs may affect machine output.
  • Cut Off Length: 70mm~700mm(Standard range)
  • Power & Connection£ºVoltage : 3-Phase, 220V / 380V, 50/60Hz,
  • Air: 6 Bar, 0.03-1m3/h for defect package reject and/or gusset folder.
  • Machine Size  : 4700mm/L£¬1050mm/W£¬1670mm/H
  • Machine Weight: Approx.850Kg
  • Remark: It may be designed & customized individually by KEED if the size of packing contect is beyond the above size range.

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