HM-769 Multi-purpose Dumpling Forming Machine(HM-769+EU-70)
HM-769 Multi-purpose Dumpling Forming Machine(HM-769+EU-70) Frozen Food Food Production Machinery Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | MIDECS MACHINERY TRADING
HM-769 Multi-purpose Dumpling Forming Machine/EU-70 Encrusting Unit

Product ID: HM-769+EU-70

HM-769/EU-70 are suitable for producing a wide variety of filled food products such as Dumpling, Samosa, Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, Curry Puff, Small Juice Meat Bun, Pelmeni, Tortellini, Finger Roll, Mini Egg Roll, Noodle, Pasta, Apple Pie, Gugia, Maccheroni and more



  • HM-769 

  • Machine Dimendion: L 820x W 540 x H 1840cm 

  • Machine Weight: 320kg 

  • Product Weight: 15 ~ 60g 

  • Capacity: 50 ~ 150pcs/min 

  • Electricity: 3 Phase , 220V, 2.2KW

  • EU-70

  • Machine Dimension : L1040 x W570 x H720/mm 

  • Product Weight : 10~100g/pcs 

  • Capacity : 10~40pcs/min 

  • Electricity : 3 Phase,220V,0.78kw


If you have "Dumpling Forming Machine",you may just purchase the "EU-70 Encurpact Unit" to produce Small Juice Bun.
It's compact and versatile, multi-function and easy operation.
Free selection of size and shape by replacing attachments. 

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