Multi-Function Bread,Paratha,Meat Bun, Chinese Bun Processing Machine (HM-868)
Multi-Function Bread,Paratha,Meat Bun, Chinese Bun Processing Machine (HM-868) Confectionery / Bakery Food Production Machinery Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | MIDECS MACHINERY TRADING

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Product ID: HM-868

HM868 is suitable to make laminated dough products, Knish, Dinner Roll, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Sandwich, Hot Dog Bread, Meat Pie, Toast (Pan Bread), French Bread, Filling-inserted Bun, Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Red Bean Bun, Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun etc.



  • Machine Dimension:

    • a.L4200 x W 1300 x H 1750mm(Standard)

    • b.L 5230 x W 1300x H 1750mm ( Optional)

  • Machine Weight: 900kg

  • Weight of Products: 10 ~ 600g

  • Capacity: 1,000 ~ 8,000 pcs/per hour

  • Electricity: 3 Phase,220V,3.75KW


HM-868 is possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of easy disassembly of cylinder.
The dough belt will go through three rolling stages to produce the correct thickness without damaging to the gluten of dough.
Following this process, the Auto Filling Feeder will place the filling on the dough belt.
The dough belt with the filling on top is then rolled by the cylindrical molding section so as the dough belt forms the outer casing.
The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily attached and removed for cleaning and convenience of changing filling types.
Finally the encruster automatically forms the rolled dough with inner filling into the profile of choice such as ball, long bar or pillow shape. The ratio of filling and casing is fully adjustable as is the size and length of product.
HM-868 is easy to disassembly for cleaning every components. And to fit for sanitary food standard


面包、面团包馅成型机 HM868
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商品型号: HM-868
适用于生产酥皮类产品 (如 绿豆椪、蟹壳黄 、老婆饼)、馒头、肉包、菜包、水煎包、刈包、糯米卷、热狗面包、吐司、法国面包、奶油面包、红豆面包、银丝卷、兔仔包、寿桃、豆沙包、葱抓饼 等。
机械尺寸 A.标准型 B.附加独立切刀座 A.长4200x宽1300x高1750/公厘 B.长5230x宽1300x高1750/公厘

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